Once in awhile, myself and a few crazy friends decide to have our own pop-up restaurant for a day. This year we join the Marché des Possibles festival for a night to sell our Tacos and Ceviche! 

Menu IMG_8302

The night was a HUGE success thanks to our very generous friends who came to help out and organize us during our more “ahhhh” moments! We were the most popular stand that night which was great and unexpected, but, we soon found out that an organization system is KEY. 

IMG_8293 IMG_8294

This time around we decided to look “pro” by getting chef’s outfits. This was a hoot! I think it probably helped getting people to our stand. Even though organization-wise we needed some improvements, our food was on point. We got lots of customers coming back to us after they ate telling us that they loved our dishes! This was a really fun and unexpected surprise that made the evening all the more fun. 

IMG_8297 IMG_8300

After the dust settled and we had our post-mortem meeting, we’ve decided that we will for sure be doing this again at some point (after we rest up a bit… hot damn that was A LOT of work!)